Why the World Would End without Gadgets

Why the World Would End without Gadgets

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I think we have all heard of the phrase “end of the world”. But did you know that the world may end even from the lack of small things like gadgets? Just think about that and let that sink in for a moment. Nobody could ever believe that the world would end, let alone end because of gadgets. Granted, the world is more likely to end because of a large global scaled war, or a horrible accident, or an asteroid impact, or just by age. It’s estimated than in 4 to 5 billion years, our tiny Sun will become a red giant star, swallowing the inner most planets like Mercury and Venus, maybe even Earth. But we’re not here to talk about our solar system’s future, we’re here to discuss about gadgets. In this post I will show you a few reasons why I believe that the world is a much better place just because some masterminds have developed gadgets that make our lives easier.

1. They make our lives easier
Coffee Machine
Just imagine how our lives would look like if gadgets had never been invented. Horrible, right? We’re so lucky that some people thought about some incredible devices that solve so many problems. Even a small problem like grinding coffee. If coffee grinders didn’t exist, you would have to smash coffee beans with rocks. Or even worse, you probably wouldn’t even be able to drink coffee in the first place. So I think that we should thank modern technology because it brings us unique easier ways to solve all problems that we could possibly have, besides inventing the internet, computers and phones.

2. They’re just funny
Funny Cherry Pit Remover
I think I already mentioned the famous YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker. He does a lot of videos covering these funny gadgets that he finds on the internet. I mean, just look at this “gun”. It doesn’t shoot bullets, but rather cherry pits. It’s just hilarious. Just think about the man behind this creation. He must have been involved in some kind of heist or burglary, when in fact he was a full-time farmer that raises cherries for a living. Put the two together and boom, you get this funny pistol.

3. You got choices
A Lot of Choices
Do you remember the last time that you bought a gadget? Well, I believe that it was pretty straight forward, until you actually saw that there is just a plethora of available options. Even a thing like, let’s say a cheese shredder, can be pictured in just so many forms. You can just Google this very thing and you can see that I’m not lying, there is a world of gadgets available on the market.

So next time you see a gadget, you should really appreciate the people behind them, because our own world could have taken such a different shape if they didn’t exist. You would think that this is impossible. I’m not saying that the world could end, but it would just be different from what we know. We would have to do so many more things by ourselves, because there wouldn’t be any gadgets to ease our work. Good thin we live in this world instead. But maybe there’s another dimension where our lives are much easier than they are here. What would that world look like?