4 Mugs That Will Keep You Inspired

4 Mugs That Will Keep You Inspired

A coffee mug, or simply a mug, is the item that you start your day with. You can never have a bad day if you drink a cup of tea out of an unique mug the mug that you love, that you got on your trip to Paris 13 years ago and you still use for some reason, the mug that you should consider replacing because you’ve been drinking out of it every morning and you got used to that same boring image of the Eiffel tower. But that’s what keeps you inspired, because you think about that cup of tea for the whole day. And most likely, if someone will ask you about what place you want to visit, your answer will be Paris, so you can get another mug like that.

Mugs keep us inspired everyday. Even if you’re not an avid coffee or tea drinker, you may still appreciate the unique factor of some really nice looking mugs out there on the market. You can call it “being inspired by mugs”, but I call it “stealing ideas from mugs”, because one man waited in his little room, wracking his brain for days before coming up with the design that you are now holding in your hand. But you can safely take those ideas without any risk. Here’s a list of the best mugs that you can take ideas from:

1. Musical Instrument Mug
Musical Instrument Mug
Too bad that this mug doesn’t play music whenever you drink our of it, because this is definitely a really cool idea. Just the thought of wrapping your fingers around a violin every morning should keep you inspired for the whole day. This will work especially if you’re a musician, therefore you can compose a few songs. Of course, they won’t be rap songs, because who even raps on a violin instrumental. But if you need ideas for a new song, you should definitely drink out of this mug and you won’t regret. Also, consider picking up a vinyl record mug mat, they’re pretty much in the same category, and you can potentially make some really cool turntable mixes.

2. Cute Unicorn Mug
Kawaii Unicorn Creative Mug
Scientist say that not only do cute things keep us inspired, but they also put a smile on our face. Maybe it hasn’t been proven by scientists yet, but I know that whenever I see cute things, like a very fluffy cat or a small puppy, I immediately forget about all the bad things in my life and focus on what I need to do, which is pet that animal as soon as possible. That’s why most inventors, composers and other important people have a cute pet, like a kitten, or an iguana.

3. Grenade Coffee Mug
Creative Grenade Coffee Mug
Maybe you’re in the military and you need to come up with better tactics in order to win the war. I’ve heard that even in the war zone, soldiers drink coffee. I personally think that they should drink out of a representative mug, like this grenade mug, or another one that resembles a tank, or any other thing that you will encounter in the field. Thus they will always think about what’s important and stay focused on coming up with ways to win.

4. Camera Lens Mug
Camera Lens Mug
This is a photographer’s dream: drinking out of your object of passion. This would also make for a great shot. Imagine taking a picture of coffee inside a camera lens, but without damaging any equipment. This wouldn’t have been possible without the mastermind behind this product. Now you can see for yourself whether it’s worth dedicating your life to taking pictures of coffee. Or you can at least drink out of this mug rather than snapping pictures all the time.

I hope that I inspired you throughout this journey to all the creative mugs out there. Of course, the list can be way bigger, but I left some room for your suggestions. If you still don’t have any ideas, take a look in this section of the website, maybe you will find some mugs on your taste. I don’t mean that you should taste them, unless you pour a magic liquid inside them.